Cthulhu gets some bad relationship advice and humanity pays a terrible price. Gof'nn, goka ygotha hai ngli'hee nilgh'ri ilyaa yshogg! Throd wgah'n syha'h!

A short game by Snozbot made using Fungus and inspired by Cooking Dash.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Made withUnity
TagsComedy, Dark Humor, Experimental, Funny, Gothic, minigames, mythology, Sci-fi, weird


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Twisted controls, great game nonetheless!



This was very enjoyable and funny! But if you wanna play a game that doesnt swear just know it eventually says h*ll. This game was still very fun thou


Honestly this game was fun and its definitely an interesting idea, if you expanded on it and made more mechanics or levels to it, it'd be even better.




This is very cute, nice and aptly short game :D


very fun game i enjoyed it, im sure anyone reading this will too

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I like how milk gets added even I was trying to get it outside and aimed just the bottom-side of it's package to place into that bowl. Maybe a skip-intro or mute audio would be cool? I like the fact of ant-milk & plutonium there, especially the tentacles sound cool but I'd like to use that spoon too (before adding them, or viewing the amount of stuff that should get added ...like: 0 of 4 pieces, etc.)?

Adorable graphics & I like the music in the kitchen, same as when that bling-acoustic gets added for new interaction / starting that quest.

& that he focus my pointer with his eyes, while his arms get in pose f choosing his other hand. Just filled that milk-wrapping with some frosted flakes xD


It was fun! I would like to see more story for Cthulhu. 

I love this game! One thing you may want to look into, however, is providing a way for the player to turn down or turn off the sound and music.

Such a good game, wish there was more

#1 Chef

We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 37: Visual Novels (Sci-Fi Edition!)


are there multiple endings? do i have to do the cereal and milk faster to not get what may be a game over?


send help

tentacle stuck in milk

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This game is so funny



This has to be one of the funniest games I've seen in a while.

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How is this not more popular?

That was so funny!


I broke it a few times I think but this was a good test of my patience. :) 


I absolutely love your games